Plant Advice

If you want to alter the way your garden feels, perhaps you want it to look more spacious, flourish at a particular time of year or simply give you more privacy, then it could be that all you need to do is to make some decisions on the planting scheme.

You may not be looking for a full re-design but would like some suggestions on paring back what you already have and making some additions. I can come to your garden and discuss with you what you want to do, talk over any ideas and make some suggestions on what could be done. I have a very good idea of local plants that will look well in this area.

If you need any help implementing these suggestions then I can produce a quote for that work. This may include the cost of a survey, identification of existing plants or a new planting plan. Later in the process I can facilitate the actual changes I have suggested, with new plants and the labour to do the work.